A very straight-up, no BS approach to Chicago art and culture.

Rainbowed is a digital media platform for the art savvy and wannabes.


The art world changes fast. But wait. Aren’t there more millennials and Gen Xers in it than ever before? Why yes, that’s correct! Yet, so much contemporary art and culture writing remains barely comprehensible. That’s what Rainbowed is here for. We believe that talking about art shouldn’t be impossible to understand. Think: more playful, less jargon.


We talk about art in plain English. In other words: we’re changing things!

We seek the different, the weird, the out of the norm. We believe in breaking the boundaries where creativity meets entrepreneurship and pop culture meets the underground. We’re here to bring together the next generation of thinkers, artists, writers, and creative entrepreneurs and show off how badass they are.


That’s what Rainbowed is all about. We’re not here to tell you what to do—hell, we’re probably doing the same shit. Instead, our mission is to provide thoughtful and inspiring insights to emerging artists, art lovers, gallery-hoppers, museum-goers, aspiring collectors, lifelong learners and bold, curiosity-driven all-around creatives.


The best part? We speak your language to give you all the information you need to make informed and empowered choices to shake up your routine, get out of the house and into the spaces that make up our art and culture scene—from museums and galleries, to pop-up experiences and art parties, to fun events and performances and so much more.


Bottomline: We’re making it easier for you to stay on top of all things creative on- and offline.

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